6ft pvc tips wraped tree

6ft pvc tips wraped tree
6ft pvc tips wraped tree 6ft pvc tips wraped tree
Item No.: C1819T60
Name: 6ft pvc tips wraped tree
Height: 6ft
Width: 36"
Tips: 360
Stand: Plastic stand
Construction: Wraped tree

Products Description

Relive the excitement of childhood Christmases with the classic PVC tree. This artificial Christmas tree has a classic, With its classic PVC needles and sturdy branches, this artificial Christmas tree supports ornaments beautifully. Your precious adornments stand out from the luxuriant foliage of our Christmas tree.

With it's green colors, the classic PVC tree is a classic Christmas tree. For anyone who wants the pure joy of Christmas to always be present in their homes, then the classic PVC tree is the ideal choice.

  • We offer plain tree in Hinged, Hook-on and Wrapped construction from 2ft to 25ft.
  • We offer pre-lit tree from 2ft to 10ft and matching wreath and garland.
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  • We also offer giant tree for commercial use from 15ft to 50ft.
  • The pre-strung light bulbs are available in clear, multi-colored or frosted bulbs.
  • We have developed pre-lit tree with LED Since 2004, PE tree is on line.
  • We also offer pre-decorated tree with lights.