7.5ft pvc pre-lit tree

7.5ft pvc pre-lit tree
7.5ft pvc pre-lit tree 7.5ft pvc pre-lit tree 7.5ft pvc pre-lit tree
Item No.: C1852T75C600
Name: 7.5ft pvc pre-lit tree
Height: 7.5ft
Width: 62"
Tips: 1065
Light: 600 clear lights
Stand: 10*21" folding wire stand
Construction: Hinged tree

Products Description

Mimicking Nature's beauty, the classic pvc christmas tree is meticulously crafted by hand to achieve that natural evergreen look. Full-bodied and verdant with its dense foliage, this artificial Christmas tree makes holiday decorating a festive tradition.

With its classic PVC needles and sturdy branches, this artificial Christmas tree supports ornaments beautifully. Your precious adornments stand out from the luxuriant foliage of our Christmas tree, shining and sparkling with the glow of the lights.

Place this Christmas tree in your living room or foyer to instantly transform your rooms into cheerful living spaces. For a true classic, choose the classic pvc Christmas tree.

  • We offer plain tree in Hinged, Hook-on and Wrapped construction from 2ft to 25ft.
  • We offer pre-lit tree from 2ft to 10ft and matching wreath and garland.
  • We offer fiber optic tree from 2ft to 7.5ft.
  • We also offer giant tree for commercial use from 15ft to 50ft.
  • The pre-strung light bulbs are available in clear, multi-colored or frosted bulbs.
  • We have developed pre-lit tree with LED Since 2004, PE tree is on line.
  • We also offer pre-decorated tree with lights.