Artificial Christmas tree selection principle

According space selection tree

A 10-foot-tall trees in only 6-foot ceilings house is does not look good, choose a small and beautiful Christmas tree, than choose occupy a huge space tree is much better. The market could see 6 inches potted Christmas tree, three feet of trees can buy. Regardless real tree or fake tree, buy a suitable home space.

According to appearance of choose Christmas tree

Artificial Christmas trees select the trunk erect thick, it will not put a bunch of decorations after easily broken,tree branches Each other has voids,beautiful and conveniently placed hanging decoration, overall tree branches have to balance, see steady instability, not easy to pour, treetop also standing upright upward,before they can placed big Five-pointed star and other treetops jewelry; Moreover, artificial Christmas trees are also divided into light-emitting and non-emitting, traditional and avant-garde, various colors etc., must depending on the home style and color selected.

Christmas trees Easy storage and installation

Artificial Christmas trees usually are divided into several paragraphs, in order to facilitate future storage, so choice easy storage and easy installation, now there are Christmas trees is integrally molded,from a storage tube pull out is a complete Christmas tree, very convenient.

If the home is really no place to placed and storage the Christmas tree,small-scale or is ideology Christmas tree decorations can have a Christmas breath, most tree decoration currently can hang ornaments,can be folded flat when not in storage, saving space.

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