What is artificial Christmas tree?

Artificial Christmas tree refers to using artificial way to manufacture Christmas tree. The earliest artificial Christmas trees divided into the wood and feathers are two, by the German invention. Modern artificial Christmas tree made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is made, but there are many other types of artificial Christmas trees exist, including aluminum Christmas trees, fiber optic Christmas trees.

PVC Christmas tree over the fire-resistant, but not noncombustible substances. This type of Christmas tree lot from China, January 2005 to August a total value of $ 69,000,000 artificial Christmas trees exported from China to the United States. Plastic Christmas tree style is rich, color variety, making more and more realistic,peripheral materials may contain polyethylene. Preinstalled good lights Christmas tree became popular, some of which are specifically designed for outdoor use. Some Christmas tree is equipped with built-in speakers and an MP3 player.

In 1992, 46% of American households choose artificial Christmas tree. By 2004, 58% of American households choose artificial Christmas tree. Early 2000s, with the artificial trees natural tree dispute become the mass media a hot topic, often appear during the Christmas holidays.

On the one hand considers artificial Christmas trees harm to the environment greater,on the other hand considers used PVC Christmas trees has excellent recyclable properties.

In recent years, the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong Province, there are dozens of new factory using a domestic small the calender will be of used for Packaging Plastic recycling caused by PVC film production Christmas trees,to make artificial Christmas trees more environmentally friendly.

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