Yourself arranged a beautiful Christmas tree

1,select the Christmas tree

Urban people, easy to take the artificial Christmas tree has widely accepted. Folding assembled for easy handling, just tidy up of branches,will gifts with a red ribbon can be hung on a tree.

2, stocking and gift

Christmas Day hanging red length socks is a tradition. Many gifts given to children: cartoon picture card, a variety of trucks, cars, trains, bicycles, watches, dolls and stuff, always give the kids a pleasant surprise.

3, various types of jewelry

Small pine cones, placed under the Christmas tree on the table, TV set-top, windowsill can be. Star gift boxes, of each box has a number ranging from stars, you can decorate the bag, dotted with Christmas trees[ ]. Red ribbon,on the Christmas tree hung red ribbon knot,or hanging chandeliers and doorknobs,results are good. Christmas Eve candle is also an important role.

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